VEGAN BASICS WORKSHOP 10:00-14:00 23rd March Calstock Hall £45

Always excited to see how ‘wowed’ our participants are on these Vegan Basics workshops! We love showing you how simply you can create your own vegan plant based products, the kind of things you buy in the shops that are expensive, often covered in plastic packaging or tetra-paks, that may be difficult to recycle or have dubious ingredients in them. How exciting to make your own, that taste infinitely better, feel healthier and empower you to continue doing so once you know how!  You don’t have to be vegan to take this workshop, we just want to share some plant based goodies that you can feel happily self-satisfied to have up your sleeve!

All of our workshops include eating what we make and a take home piece of kitchen kit, so you can carry on creating in your home kitchen.

Book by emailing me from the Contact page or comment below.

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