FIELD TO FORK SUSTAINABLE LIVING RETREAT 27th-31st May 2020 Harewood Farm, Cornwall

Grow to understand nature’s lessons for regenerating your life, food and home.

At Harewood Farm we use the permaculture model of a ‘circular economy’ that allows us to feed ourselves sustainably and respect the planet. Nature follows a naturally self-sufficient circular cycle, whereas Western society has followed a linear track of take, make and dispose. We know that our world has finite resources and we need to find new ways of using less of those resources, creating less waste, and using what waste we do have, as a resource.

This model links people and land together at the centre of a self-sustainable, resilient and nurturing eco system.

Over these 4 days experience the joy of connecting to living on the land, understand regenerative techniques, and feel empowered around food choices.

Learn how:

  • to sow and grow your own delicious produce
  • create meals from home grown and wild foods in cooking classes in our field kitchen
  • spend time foraging for and connecting to wild foods
  • immerse in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.

This course will fire up your inspiration and feed it with practical skills that you can take forward to transform your life.

Join us to learn more about:

  • the importance of soil health
  • creating resources from waste
  • understanding successional sowing
  • growing in limited space

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Harewood Farm, Calstock, East Cornwall, is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It offers the perfect setting to switch off and unplug from busy day to day lives and enjoy being nourished by nature.

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