I am a small scale food producer...

We grow much of what we eat here at Harewood Farm and dabble with natural bee-keeping in top bar hives and backyard chickens.

The seasons and natural rhythms of the land around me informs my choice about what to eat and how to cook.

I work as a Holistic Chef exploring optimum nutrition, I cook regularly for retreats at various venues around the world, providing the nourishing support needed to sustain the retreat process. Food provenance, seasonality, sustainability and simplicity are at the core of what I wish to share.

The energetic aspects of food, using both ancient Eastern and modern Western nutritional tools and techniques, guide me in the creation of menus to suit the specific needs of any group. I can provide seasonal menu plans tailored specifically for any retreat, designed to support and nourish the type of practices that are on offer.

I teach regular cooking workshops designed to empower participants to develop and trust their intuition and grow their confidence in the kitchen.

Contact me here to inquire about my services. Check my News page for regular updates of workshops and retreats.


The Holistic Kitchen Academy is a team of holistic practitioners with shared sensitivity, depth and passion in their commitment to seeing food as a part of a whole picture of health.  We join forces to run workshops, short courses, retreats and trainings, including a bespoke Retreat Chef Training course unlike any other currently available.

Harewood Farm is the venue for our signature Field to Fork courses. These short courses are run at seasonal junctures throughout the year and encapsulate the true ethos of the Holistic Kitchen. They help us understand the cycles that lead to putting food on our tables, recognise real whole food, its source, and acknowledge the work of producing it using organic and sustainable methods. We can then gain a greater appreciation for what we eat  and a deepening connection to the source of our food and the land it comes from.

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