Yoga Teaching sabbatical

From April 2021…

I’m taking some time out from teaching Yoga. I have been teaching Yoga for over 20 years now, and it has become a huge part of my identity. Yoga has shaped who I have become and that gives me a great deal of contentment. It is also a big responsibility to show up each week and share the teachings and philosophy of Yoga. With the many other commitments I choose to bring to my life, sometimes I don’t feel as if I can do justice to sharing those concepts. So I am taking a break for a while to focus on growing food and building this farm lifestyle.

Yoga will always be in my life and I hope to continue to live the ethos it has taught me over the years.

Living gently, walking with kindness and compassion, seeing the beings in the world as One.

Thank you to all my students everywhere, thank you for all you have shared and taught me.

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